"The best discovery I've had since moving to the Bay Area."

Because I work in the city, it is tough to commute each day and still get Koda the exercise and stimulation he craves. Jessica handles Koda with the loving care she would her own dog. I love the daily report cards so that I can keep up with the fun activities and know someone is looking after my dog’s well being.
— Jen Grenz & Koda  |  Mill Valley

"Kiko leaves the house fired up and returns wiped out. Jessica not only gives him the daily exercise and social time he needs, she also reinforces his recall and obedience training in general. We have ultimate trust and confidence in her care of our pup."

Keith Blodgett & Kiko



"I feel so fortunate to have Jessica taking my dog, Bella, out each day. Bella is not always the most flexible when it comes to new situations or new dogs, and Jessica has been wonderful with her. It was so important to me to find a dog walker who practiced positive reinforcement and I feel we hit the jackpot. Any dog going out with Paw Trekkers is a lucky one"!


Gina Lee & Bella  |  Sausalito



"Stella is always so excited when Jessica arrives to pick her up. She loves the adventures and the socialization has been so great for her development. Stella started with Jessica when she was just under a year old and it has helped her become the wonderful 2 year old she is today :) The extra perks - monthly nail trimming and daily notes about her activity that day is a wonderful plus for me! Thanks Jessica"!

Diane Ziesing & Stella

Jessica is wonderful. She's been walking my dog Lily for over 3 years, and Lily loves Jessica and her walks. Jessica takes Lily with a small group of other dogs that have been matched for temperament, and each hike is a new adventure. Jessica always goes the extra mile with the dogs she is charged with — looking out for ticks or notifying you if she notices any changes with your dog. She's even helped train Lily to be a better walker! I fully trust her and appreciate her services, and am very thankful that we found Jessica. Highly recommended!

Georgina H. & Lily  |  Sausalito


"We love Jessica. She’s an incredible addition to our dog’s life, and therefore ours too. "

Our dog Lincoln is a large Lab, a rescue dog. He’s very handsome and loveable but also mighty quirky and, due to his past life, very needy.  Finding ourselves requiring dog walking for him we couldn’t imagine who we’d feel comfortable enough to leave Lincoln with. And then Jessica entered our and Lincoln’s life. Always responsible, knowledgeable, incredibly intuitive, giving, happy and positive, our dog adores her. We trust Jessica with Lincoln in any situation knowing Jessica takes this dog’s idiosyncrasies in stride.
— Stephen Gordon & Lincoln Founder, Former Chairman & CEO, Restoration Hardware 

"I'm really happy with Paw Trekkers.”

"And more importantly, my dog Cali loves her. She is so excited to greet Jessica when she arrives to take her on her walk,  and then she's nicely tired when she gets home. I know from the Facebook pictures that she's been having a good time with the group. I really appreciate and trust Jessica's responsibility and care, like checking Cali for foxtails and giving reports after each walk. Highly recommend".

Lynne Robertson & Cali  |  Mill Valley

“Jessica is amazing.”

"I have been using her services for over 4 years now and just love them. She is professional, yet caring. Cooper loves the other dogs in the group and always comes back tired/happy. If you love your dog like I do, there is really no other option for a Lab than to get him on the trails. I trust them completely. Bonuses: Facebook pics of dog so happy and report cards on what happened. They are the best".

Jill Lieberman & Cooper  |  Mill Valley