I've been taking dogs on hiking adventures in the mountains of Marin since 2006, and prior to that had 9 years of experience working with dogs professionally. 

I started my career working at a boarding kennel in 1997,  later moving on to the role of Instructor Assistant working with highly trained service dogs. I subsequently worked as Staff Director of a dog daycare and boarding facility, overseeing daily kennel operations, hiring dog handlers, and training and managing staff. In the midst of all that, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Sonoma State University and volunteered as a puppy raiser, training puppies to work as service dogs for people with disabilities. 

I’ve spent more time with groups of dogs than people. This gives me a big advantage since I can quickly and effectively read a dog's body language and respond appropriately. I use positive reinforcement when managing dogs in my care , no yelling or physical manipulation (that stuff is not cool). Instead I make friends with your pup, help her feel comfortable, and reward for good behavior.

Certifications. Dog*tec certified | Certified American Boarding Kennel Association Pet Care Technician | Pet first aid & CPR.

I have 2 beagles, both full of energy and mischief who sleep in my bed,  lick my dirty plates, and howl at bad guys knocking at my door. 

Jessica Bay Owner | Operator