Hike Details


Paw Trekkers is more than a dog walking service, we are a hiking service. Off-leash group hikes allow your dog the opportunity to play and socialize with other friendly dogs, providing a much higher level of exercise than walks alone. We give your dog the chance to really run, play, and explore during our adventure hikes. It's the perfect way to provide the exercise and socialization your dog needs to be a happy, healthy member of your family. 

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Saving you Time and Hassle

  • Hikes include pick-up and drop-off from home — no added car trips battling traffic needed.
  • No more skipping walks on rainy days or getting soggy with your pup. We'll do it! 
  • Come home to a dog that is ready to cuddle instead of feeling guilty for not having time for a hike.


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Trail Training

  • Positive reinforcement training to teach and maintain trail manners.
  • We practice sit, stay and come during our hikes.
  • All our canine hikers are taught to wait on command prior to jumping out of a vehicle, to move to the side of the trail to allow bikers and other trail users to pass us, and it sit and "watch me". 
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We Keep You Informed

  • Hike log after each adventure with outing details & behavior notes.
  • Social media posts so you can see your dog's adventures and playmates.
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curb behavior problems

Regular Exercise Can Help Stop:

  • Destructive behavior
  • Excessive barking
  • Anxiety/restlessness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Attention seeking/pestering behaviors
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Your Dog is in Excellent Hands

  • We only accept friendly, social playmates for your dog.
  • We take appropriate precautions when meeting other dogs on the trail.
  • We are educated and aware of trail hazards, such as dangerous wildlife and toxic plants so we can avoid them and handle emergencies appropriately. 
  • Dogs are kept on leash near roadways, and are let off-leash with owner's permission after we have built a relationship with the dog and practice recall on a long line with success.
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social interaction

Pre-Screened Playmates

  • All dogs are screened prior to being accepted to ensure group hikes are a good fit for each individual dog, as well as to determine how the dog will fit in with our current groups.
  • Packs are grouped based on size, energy level & play style.
  • Average group size is 5-6 dogs; your dog gets individual attention and proper supervision.
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responsible & Reliable

You Can Trust Us.

  • Paw Trekkers is owner-operated; Jessica has extensive training and experience.
  • We use positive reinforcement methods to manage dogs on the trails. 
  • We have completed courses in Canine First Aid & CPR 
  • We observe leash laws, let dogs off leash where permitted, clean up dog waste, and respect wildlife. 
  • We follow strict safety & emergency protocols.
  • We have excellent references. See our testimonials page for recommendations from our clients.


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Your Dog Will Love it

Make Your Dog's Day

  • Give your dog the gift of adventure. We are positive it will make your dog's day.
  • Your pup will make new friends and get to hike with them regularly. And since we screen all our canine crew hikers, you know they are all sweet dogs. 
  • We dole out occasional treats for good behavior. We primarily use 100% liver or lamb lung treats. All treats are made in the USA and we are selective when choosing them — no junk food. 
  • Many Paw Trekkers dog's literally jump for joy when we arrive to shuttle them to the trail.