Does your dog crave more than just a walk around the neighborhood? Paw Trekkers provides off-leash hiking adventures. We match dogs with compatible play styles so your dog will get a great hike with plenty of her favorite activities sprinkled in-wrestling, playing chase, or just enjoying the sights and scents along our hiking route. 



What Makes Paw Trekkers Awesome? 



Paw Trekkers is an owner-operated company, and owner Jessica, who has 20 years experience working with dogs professionally, will be safely supervising your pet and keeping his manners in check with positive reinforcement. In fact, many Paw Trekkers client's notice their dog returns home nicely tired, but also better at basic obedience like coming when called off leash, excellent social skills with other dogs and improved trail manners to boot. 

We're Legit

Selected Best Dog Walker North of the City by San Francisco Magazine, Paw Trekkers is DogTec Certified, licensed, insured, and permitted for commercial dog walking. 


"Jessica has been walking my dog since my pup was 1.5 — now she's 11.5. Wow, there is no way there is a better friend to my dog than Jessica. She is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and responsible. People tell me my dog is sweet and well trained — pretty sure it is from 10 years of Paw Trekkers. My dog absolutely loves to go out with her pals; there is no doubt Paw Trekkers is the best!!!"

-Tracy H.